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App Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Management App

Property Maintenance Management App

Property Maintenance Management App

With an extensive background in the building and property management sector, it was only a matter of time for a versatile App to help with the burdening load. The Property Maintenance Management app assists the owner or property manager to better communicate and interact with tenants. The app has the capacity to allow tenants instant reporting on a fault to the correct department.

Tenants can also take a picture and send it to the maintenance team from within the app. This will ensure they have an idea of the scope of the problem. Turn around time to report and solve issues can be monitored. Once the maintenance team has completed the wok the tenant can complete an easy job rating in the app.The Property Maintenance Management App is essentially a mobile app for any size business.From a small townhouse complex to an enormous city size skyscraper can benefit.

Mall Maintenance

The app is also ideal for any Mall maintenance team. Miscommunication regarding the work – time to complete the work – the actual completion efficacy, etc are all part of this app's structures to ensure extreme functionality from the maintenance team. The app can also be used for external maintenance teams. An additional amazing feature on the Mobile app is the ability to communicate from the owners to all or selected tenants. The app admin has the power to send any messages to app users by simply sending the message on the internal app system. The message is instant and thus it ensures that all received the communication on the comfort of their phones.


We can also customize and edit the requirements you need for the Mobile app as per your request. If your maintenance team consists of multiple disciplined teams we can create all a large scope of categories. In a drop-down selection panel on the app thus assisting tenants to select the appropriate team they need.

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1. Book a time slot

2. Management Display

3. Work Feedback

4. Instant message

5. Logbook

6. Multiple page

7. Tracking progress

Loads of additional functions

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