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4 Types Of Push Notifications & How To Use Them


Push notifications are a key element of every successful mobile app. They allow users to stay connected to their apps even when they aren’t using them. Push notifications are also critical for user acquisition. When done correctly, they increase user engagement and help retain customers. However, they can be tricky to create and implement. Most developers start out by creating static text messages. These messages can be effective, but they are also easy to ignore and can be hard to read in low light conditions. To solve this problem, many developers turn to dynamic notifications. Dynamic notifications give users information about what’s happening inside the app and prompt them to interact with the app. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls along the way. You need to consider every detail of the user interface and make sure that each message is relevant. Otherwise, users may feel like you’re sending them unwanted messages.


1. Simple Push Notification

A quick and super simple option to send a one-off message straight away.


Here are some examples of simple push notifications that you can send instantly:

  • Retail Store – “SALE ALERT! 50% off everything, today only!”
  • Coffee Shop – “Get a free breakfast muffin with your morning coffee today, 7-9 am!”
  • Radio Station – “Special guest Joe Bloggs is live on-air at 10mins. Tune in now!”


2. Scheduled/Recurring Push Notifications

Create a scheduled or recurring message over a chosen period.

Scheduled notifications will save you both money and time. You will not waste your valuable time sending out unsolicited messages, and you won’t have to worry about missing important events because you were busy sending them out. You can also create reminders that will pop-up on your device when you’re near a certain location. Create a reminder to tell you to pick up milk at the grocery store when you’re nearby, or to check the mailbox before going to bed. If you need to contact someone urgently, schedule a notification to go out immediately. Your friends and family will thank you!


Here are some examples of recurring push notifications:


  • Pub/Bar – “Join us for our weekly pub quiz. Starts at 7:30!”
  • Restaurant – “It’s Two for One Tuesday! 241 on all Starters & Desserts all day.”


3. Geo-Fence Push Notification

Use geofencing to send messages to users who are near your physical store. Geofencing allows you to define an area around your business and then notify users if they move out of this zone. For example, geofencing could help you send special offers to customers who visit your store while they’re shopping. Or you could use geofencing to remind customers about your delivery service when they leave your store.

How you can use geo-fencing:


  • Good Cause App – “Hey! We’re having a Charity Fun Day in The Park, pop by for some cake!”
  • Medical Centre App – “When was your last Check-Up with the dentist? Time to get booked in!”
  • Beauty Salon App – “Our beauticians have free space today if you’d like a bit of pampering!”


4. Targeted Push Notifications

Create custom audiences and target them with push notifications to better re-engage your users.

Here are some ideas for using targeted push:


  • Coffee Shop Apps – “Hey Coffee Lover! Fancy trying out our new coffee. It’s on the house this morning!”
  • Nursery Apps – “The Nursery is having a Fun-Day next week with outdoor activities, don’t forget your little one’s coat!”
  • Takeaway Apps – “How was your first order? We do hope you enjoyed it. Let us know what you think!”