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Restaurant Mobile App

Restaurant Mobile App

Our Restaurant Mobile App has some amazing features. You will be the envy of the industry with all the bells and whistles of your restaurant app. Our development team has successfully launched a restaurant mobile app at a cost that will change the industry. App developers for years have charge tens of thousands of Rand`s for the development of apps. Our new innovative business model we can bring you the same and better apps at a fraction of the price.

App Features:

Our restaurant mobile App has some amazing features. From guests being able to book a table prior to arrival on an online booking platform. Viewing your menu options. If you’re an active restaurateur, chef, or have a manager who interacts with your customers? Then your app can further help your business with our build in loyalty card system.  One of our unique features also enables the app owner to push a message to all app users with the click of a button. This is ideal if you have a new menu item, specials, or an important message you want your clients to receive. It instantly appears on the cell phone screen of your clients.

Our standard app also includes all your social media handles and a link to your website. We can also create a simple but elegant website for you to ensure you have covered all your bases.  Another feature on the app allows your app users to share your geolocation to friends and family. Alternatively, we can also add in a takeaway module for some of your menu items. In the event of you wanting to deliver certain food items to your guests. If we create your Restaurant Mobile App we customize it to fit in completely with your look and feel as well as your needs. A nice image gallery on your restaurant is also a must as you need to showcase your products and venue.

Our development team takes +- working 7 days to provide you with a demo once you have given us all the info we require to build the app. We do sell apps as a once of but we also know that a monthly payment option is by far the most attractive. For as little as a table of 4`s meal income you can have your own unique restaurant mobile app working for you.



1. Geolocation tagging

2. Book a Table

3. Loyalty Card System

4. Menu Display

5. Guest Feedback

6. Instant message

your Guests

7. Online Payments

8. Pre- bookings

9. Social media


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App Chard Hermanus
App Burgers
App restaurant
App restaurant listing locaiton
App Opening Times
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