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Visitors and Staff Digital Registration

Digital Visitors and Staff Registration

Our new Visitors and Staff Digital Registration Mobile App has now gone live.

This app will benefit any and all businesses. From guests attending a conference, a driver collecting a client at the airport to a business where delivery personnel comes and go.

As we are all too aware it has become law and also increasingly popular to keep a record of any and all human movement in and around your business. The App is totally customizable and can feature your images – your logo – your look and feel.

 A Single-entry point can host the app where visitors need to complete the required documentation before proceeding into the establishment, restaurant, mall, office block, airport etc.

If you are aware that the guest will be arriving for a meeting or conference beat the traffic jam. Send them a link prior to arrival to download and then on arrival they complete the online registration – move to the point where temperature screening takes place and enter the temperature to proceed.

The Visitors and Staff Digital Registration is a one-stop-shop to log Visitors, Employees, and Delivery personal. If you require less we can even simplify the app to only work for visitors. If you have a large staff component we can easily alter the app to focus on your core needs.

One must take into consideration the Popi Act if you capture visitors’ details. To be one hundred percent compliant you must deal with visitors' information sensitively and discreetly. Paper on a clipboard simply isn’t discreet enough and can easily become compromised. It's your responsibility to keep such information confidential. Our app enables you to know that no 3rd party has access to the information provided. It therefore also give you peace of mind knowing you are compliant.


For a limited time, we offer the standard app at a

rate of R550 per year. If you would like the app to be customized the yearly

fee would be R900. Customization includes your branding, your background

images, your questionnaire changes. Only for the first 50 signed up clients.

Normal Rate are R150 per month and R300 per month for your look and feel app with your branding.

How the app would work. You have a point of entry

with a Mobile Device or a Tablet or your guests download your app prior to arrival or via a QR code at your entrance. its instantly on hie/her phone. The visitor completes the details and the

security does the temperature screening and the temperature is entered. The

Tablet or Mobile device is then clean with an alcohol-based sanitizer. It's as

easy as that to remain compliant.

Registration Form Template

About the App

The Visitors and Employee Digital registration app solves all your access problems when people enter your premises.

Capture all the details of

the visitor secure and compliant with the Popi Act.