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Hotel Mobile App Solution

Our Hotel Mobile App functionality has been a breakthrough for most accommodation establishments contracted with us.

From your small B&B`s to large Hotels have been swamping our company for the innovative new Hotel Mobile App solution.

The app has all the normal features of a standard

app but don let it fool you. Standard items on our apps are Loyalty card,

online booking integration with most booking systems, complete facility

descriptions. It also features Gallery images for your guests to view, Menu

options such as pool menu, bar, and additional restaurant service.The Hotel mobile App also assist guests with directions via our GPS option. if your guests are lost or need to find your property the app will assist.

A link to all your social media sources to showcase even more of your property. It literally has too many options to mention and can be completely customized for your accommodation establishments needs.

Online Check-in

Now for the additional extras, we have recently developed. Online Check-in integration. With the opening of the tourism industry and the fact that one has to social distance it has become increasingly clearer. The need for an online solution to deal with the

paperwork on check-in is necessary. Our App can customize the details you


The guests can sign in on arrival on the comfort of their own phone at

your desk or prior if you wish. We can even set the app on the guest’s phone to

capture a copy of the ID or Passport. Make this part of your check-in procedure.

Your reception staff will need to do very little in fact they might

just need to give the room key.

Need another reason why we are one of the leading app developers for the tourism industry? – Add a video on the check-in procedure for guests to view prior to arrival.

You can even ensure they need to indicate on the disclaimer that they have viewed the short video. Thus agreeing to be totally familiar with the accommodation policy.

We have a team that can also assist with the making of such a video if you would like this option included.

Now we know the less interaction with staff and guests is probably the foreseeable future for several years. Introducing the room service app option on your mobile app. Your guests will be able to order food and drinks from your onsite outlets without needing to pick up a phone. additional printer can be setup to print in your kitchen

The Full menu with pictures and descriptions will be built into the app.

If you like to promote additional activities in the

region. We can also have a button on the app with the links and descriptions of

your preferred activities and must-see options. Be an ambassador for your town.


Most hotels and accommodation establishments will need to disclose there COVID 19 policy . With our hotel mobile app solution, this will be available at the click of a button. Should you wish to add this to your mobile app we will gladly assist.

If you have more than one hotel or establishment its also a great

opportunity to cross-pollinate and have a button where guests can look at your

other hotel or accommodation options.

So how do guests get to download your app? a number of ways. Download from Android or IOS or a simple QR code or a link you reservation sends with the reservation email to the guest.

Mobile Apps will surpass Websites

Why should your establishment go the route of a mobile app? It’s very simple mobile apps will surpass website use in the near future. Already it’s estimated that 1.5 Billion users, use the internet while more than 5 billion people have cell phones with mobile app capability.

The above has set our accommodation app light years

ahead of most apps and at our affordable monthly cost.

If you’re in need of a serious solution to work for your establishment look no further.

This app is a one-stop-shop application and will assist your establishment greatly in its operations and marketing.

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